Autumn trees with turning leaves lining a dirt road.

CEO Highlights – Culture of Gratitude

I am proud to know that we have a culture where gratitude abounds.  We laugh together, enjoy
experiences together, and are proud of every milestone in the lives of our coworkers. Cascade
is a place where I consistently see genuine care for every team member. We celebrate one
another’s successes and provide support in times of hardship.  We know our work is meaningful
and bonds us in unique experiences. This quarter we have celebrated employee marriages,
engagements, pregnancies, and more.  I am proud of the many connections fostered between
employees which will undoubtedly yield lifelong friendships.

Teen Girls Singing and Performing

The Benefit of Music Therapy and Improv Theater for Adolescent Anxiety

Cascade Academy is excited to announce new group offerings to include weekly music therapy and improvisational theater. Researcher and Author Dan Siegal identifies essential neurological changes during adolescence that present as unique challenges and opportunities of this developmental life stage. He describes this time period as the Essence of Adolescence. He argues that not only is this stage of life full of changes and challenges, it is also a time of life to be celebrated and explored with its fullest potential in mind.

CEO Highlights

The first quarter of the year has closed, bringing a new momentum and energy to our campus. While we impatiently wait for the snow to subside and usher in a true spring, positive transformation abounds within our departments. I am proud to highlight several of our many accomplishments your internal teams have orchestrated. As always, the most important accomplishment and the goal we all share, is the continuation of providing the best care for our students and their families; helping them embrace life with courage and joy. However seemingly small, each task contributes to this larger outcome.  

Goats Bring Joy and Laughter to Cascade Academy

The use of animals in a therapeutic environment has been gaining attention in recent years, with numerous studies highlighting their positive impact on mental health. Cascade Academy recognizes the value of animal therapy and creates opportunities for students to connect with dogs, cats, chickens and occasionally baby goats. These animals have been shown to have a calming effect on anxious students and can help them to manage their stress. They also provide exposure opportunities for students with contamination disorders.