How Are Parents Involved in the Treatment Process?

At Cascade Academy we believe you are the expert on your daughter.  Family integration and support is critical to your daughter’s success.  You will be involved in your daughter’s treatment process in a variety of ways including:

  • Treatment Planning
  • Family Therapy
  • Phone Calls
  • Family Portal
  • Family Retreat
  • Visits and Home Practice

Treatment Planning

As parents, you are important members of the treatment team. Your daughter’s therapist and the treatment team will work closely with you to learn about her symptoms of anxiety, family dynamics, values, goals of treatment, and treatment history. Together, you will develop a plan to best fit your daughter’s needs and challenge her anxiety.

Family Therapy

Weekly family therapy through video conferencing is an important part of the treatment process. During this time you will learn about how to best support your daughter as she navigates the treatment process. This may include learning new communication skills, processing emotions, and practicing new ways of interacting. 

Phone Calls

Consistent healthy communication throughout the week with your daughter is important to your success as a family. You will have regularly scheduled phone calls with your daughter to connect and check in. Phone calls with your daughter begin from the day of admission. You are an important part of your daughter’s support team.

Family Portal

You will have access to your daughter’s confidential online family portal. This system allows you to send messages and pictures directly to your daughter. You will also be able to access information about your daughter at any time. This includes information about special events, pictures, treatment updates, and the ability to communicate with your daughter’s treatment team.

Family Retreat

Cascade Academy will host several family retreats each year in Midway, Utah.  During this time, you will be able to attend specialized workshops, participate in experiential learning activities with your daughter, meet other parents of Cascade Students, spend time supporting your daughter in the skills she has developed, and practice what you have learned together as a family. 

Visits & Home Practice

Visits with your daughter are encouraged and an important part of the treatment process. Practice at home is also a critical part of your daughter’s success. Treatment doesn’t end until your daughter demonstrates success in the most important environment, home.  After successful home practice for 6-8 weeks you and your daughter will return to Cascade Academy for program graduation. 

Commitment to Quality Care

We provide a healthy environment uniquely suited to support your growth and healing.

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Copyright © 2024 Cascade Academy. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2024 Cascade Academy. All rights reserved.