Recreation Therapy

To fully engage in life, we must be intentional in developing our attitudes and habits regarding work and play. Cascade Academy’s motto is “Embracing Life with Courage and Joy.” Your daughter will learn to truly embrace her life with an attitude of courage and joy by going through a process of healing, learning and growth, which includes her recreation and leisure habits. 

Understanding the “why” of how recreation and leisure is approached at Cascade Academy is important in understanding the “how.” One of the most widely used treatment models for Recreation Therapy is the Leisure Ability Model (Peterson & Gunn, 1984). The basic premise is that as a person increases in health, knowledge, and experience, their perceived freedom to engage in life, make choices, and have the ability to function in healthy life practices,  increases. 

At Cascade Academy, your daughter will work with Recreation Therapists (TRS, CTRS) that are licensed by the State of Utah and nationally certified by the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification.

Your daughter will participate in interventions and activities designed to help her improve her ability to function socially, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Therapy done in an experiential way is learned and processed differently, and on a deeper level.

Through Leisure Education, your daughter will learn a variety of skills and have opportunities to practice these skills with support and guidance. Leisure Education includes:

  • Learning specific skills in a variety of activities such as rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, art, etc.,
  • Practicing social skills,
  • Learning how to find recreation activities in the community,
  • Participating in community outings several times per week, and
  • Exposure to new activities. 

Eventually, as your daughter begins to better manage her anxiety and increase her confidence and skills, she will have opportunities to engage in recreation activities in a more self-directed way. The ultimate goal is for your daughter to learn how to use recreation as a tool to help manage her anxiety, engage in mastery experiences, improve social functioning, increase self-efficacy, and live her life with an attitude of courage and joy. 

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Recreation Therapy Themes

Your daughter will participate in a Recreation Therapy program designed specifically for teenage girls with severe anxiety.  This program has 12 weekly themes that rotate throughout the year. Activities and interventions include outdoor sports and activities (including skiing and snowboarding), camping, yoga, various types of exercise, art, creative journaling, music therapy, ROPES courses, and more. Your daughter will go on outings several times a week to practice and experience her new skills in a variety of settings.

The Recreation Therapy themes include:

  • Authenticity
  • Celebrate Life
  • Coping
  • Courage
  • Passions
  • Play
  • Mindful Living
  • Relationships
  • Resilience
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Service
  • Vision
Commitment To Quality Care

We provide a healthy environment uniquely suited to support your growth and healing.

P.O. Box 1145                 430 West 200 North.Midway, Utah 84049

We provide a healthy environment uniquely suited to support your growth and healing.

P.O. Box 1145; 430 West 200 NorthMidway, Utah 84049

Copyright © 2021 Cascade Academy. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2021 Cascade Academy. All rights reserved.