Cascade Academy’s 3rd Birthday!

I am excited when I reflect on the contributions and accomplishments of every member in this village.  Today we celebrate Cascade’s 3rd birthday because three years ago a small group of inspired and principled founders came together to enact a vision.  Their vision was to provide highly specialized quality treatment for adolescents with primary anxiety and OCD related disorders.  After three years I’m immensely proud of the hope and healing Cascade has brought to many families and I am certain that the best is yet to come. 

In 2022 Cascade built upon strong foundations.  There have been many improvements in all areas of the organization.  The clinical department grew in therapeutic providers which increased the number of students we can serve. The residential department has been graced with excellent mentor staff who serve in the trenches with moment-to-moment change. Recreation therapy completed five sequences and capstones; proving to our students they can do hard things. Consistency of the medical and psychiatry team has evolved to meet student and family needs in a personalized manner.  The academic department has excelled in growth. They have opened the new school building, added excellent teachers, and transitioned to in-person learning for all core curriculum.  This highlights only a few  areas of our growth within an intricate system of care.  Each system is dependent on the dedication and professionalism of those who come every day ready to help our students embrace life with courage and joy.

We proudly celebrate our many accomplishments including Joint Commission Accreditation, an outstanding record with licensing, and financial responsibility.  Our shared joy is found in the most important achievement and the purpose of the work; the success of our students and families. In our field we consistently receive feedback that Cascade is held in high regard for the quality of care we provide our students.  These goals are realized through small efforts each day.   

These small efforts contribute to the larger success and embody Cascade’s values. We will deliver the best outcomes when we see beyond our immediate roles and find ways to support one another. One of Cascade’s main values is connecting to others. Our connections are not founded on negativity but rather respect and enthusiasm.  I strongly appreciate the camaraderie of the Cascade team, as we assume the best in others, seek to understand, manage change with coachability, and value one another in this demanding but rewarding career. 

With this firm foundation we continue to serve students and families as we plan for expansion in 2023. Fifteen minutes from our current campus we will open an eight-bed short-term OCD intensive program for adolescent girls 13-18.  I am confident that this next endeavor will be successful as we continue to hold ourselves to the highest values and expectations. It is with great gratitude that I thank you for being a part of our superb team.

Bekah Schuler, CMHC CEO Cascade Programs