Daily Life at Cascade Academy

Teenage girls struggling with debilitating anxiety get a fresh start at Cascade Academy. Your daughter will experience a residential treatment program intentionally designed to create an environment of support and healing.

A typical day at Cascade Academy starts at 8:00 AM. Research indicates adolescents need at least two to three hours more sleep than the average adult.  Sleep is a critical part of developing a healthy life practice.  After breakfast, your daughter will participate in an exercise program designed to meet the needs of teenage girls suffering with anxiety.

At Cascade Academy, we recognize that your daughter’s nutritional needs are an important part of the healing process. A healthy diet has been shown to support both physical and mental health. Cascade Academy works closely with a Dietitian to provide high quality meals.

From morning to mid-afternoon, your daughter will be involved in various therapeutic groups, individual and family therapy, outings, and activities. Because practice in the community is an important part of learning to embrace life with courage and joy, students at Cascade Academy will also be involved in working at one of the many small local businesses, attending internships, and participating in local activities.

School runs from 3:30-8:30 PM. Your daughter’s teachers will use an accredited online curriculum Monday through Thursday. Fridays will focus on elective courses and academic outings. Because class sizes are small, no more than 8-10 students, your daughter’s teachers will have the time and resources to work with her individually to meet her specific academic needs.

After an evening snack, it is time to clean up and do chores.  Working as a group and providing service to one another is interwoven into the program at Cascade Academy and provides purpose and support to create a vibrant and healthy community.

At 9:30, the lights are dimmed and your daughter will wind down with activities that include playing a game with friends, drinking warm tea by the fireplace, working on a puzzle, coloring, or cuddling up in her weighted blanket.

Weekends are an important part of your daughter’s treatment at Cascade Academy. Most of the day she will be engaged in activities and outings, especially exploring the beautiful natural environment of Midway, Utah.

Commitment To Quality Care

We provide a healthy environment uniquely suited to support your growth and healing.

P.O. Box 1145                 430 West 200 North.Midway, Utah 84049

We provide a healthy environment uniquely suited to support your growth and healing.

P.O. Box 1145; 430 West 200 NorthMidway, Utah 84049

Copyright © 2021 Cascade Academy. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2021 Cascade Academy. All rights reserved.