CEO Highlights – Culture of Gratitude
Autumn trees with turning leaves lining a dirt road.

Cascade colleagues,

I am proud to know that we have a culture where gratitude abounds.  We laugh together, enjoy
experiences together, and are proud of every milestone in the lives of our coworkers. Cascade
is a place where I consistently see genuine care for every team member. We celebrate one
another’s successes and provide support in times of hardship.  We know our work is meaningful
and bonds us in unique experiences. This quarter we have celebrated employee marriages,
engagements, pregnancies, and more.  I am proud of the many connections fostered between
employees which will undoubtedly yield lifelong friendships.  
Autumn is a time which reminds us to practice gratitude intentionally, and in that spirit I want to
highlight some of the amazing efforts of Cascade team members.  I am personally grateful for
the competency, desire to learn, and overall dedication of each individual.  
Last quarter we launched our neurofeedback support program to enhance brain wave regulation
which provides another tool in support of our students.  We identified and hired two neuro
technicians and began offering neurofeedback services at Cascade Academy. This includes
QEEG brain mapping, developing protocol for brain regulation, and mid and post intervention
brain maps to evidence healthy brain regulation.  We will continue to expand and integrate
these services. 
Clinical services expanded group offerings to include more experiential formats.  Students now
also participate in music therapy and improv groups.  This allows practice in expression,
freedom to be wrong, increasing mindful participation and engagement.  Several clinicians were
trained in SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions). This highly respected
program provides education and support for parents.   
Recreation Therapy Services hosted the Equine Capstone in the panoramic Uinta Mountains
where students had time to connect with nature, animals, and peers.  A group of eight students
traveled to Guatemala to partner with Cultiva International for a week of leadership, adventure,
and service; where connection is the antidote for internal poverty.
Residential programming increased support by introducing two Program Coordinators.  We
have already seen the positive impact in communication, training, and overall resources
available to students, staff, and families.  We continue to see a satisfying increase in the tenure
of all staff, as we approach our fourth year of operations.  This experience and training
continues to deepen and helps our students thrive. 
The Academic Department has introduced more ways to connect internally with students and
parents.  Professional Learning Community meetings are held two times each week in the
Academic Department. Each student’s academic progress and needs are reviewed. 
Additionally, guests from other departments attend to share news, learn of initiatives, and offer
relevant training. The team has begun iReady assessments which allow us to monitor growth of
our students from admission to discharge; ensuring our academic interventions are targeted to
individual needs.  We have also initiated parent teacher conferences. A parent can speak
directly with teachers to discuss the strengths and needs of their student.   
How do we do our best work?  If you get the chance, ask Chef Jerry what motivates him every
day.  You will hear a message of doing all things with love, working hard, and staying grateful. 
“We are here to take care of the kids” he will say. That delightly defines each of us in our

individual roles.  “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, and I feel grateful for a team
who exemplifies that simple truth.


Bekah Schuler
CEO Cascade Programs