Culinary Chef
Brief info

Lisa Popkin has loved to cook with her mother and extended family from as early as she can remember. She was inspired to become a chef at a young age and won many awards in her Canadian schools. Being raised in a large family with a farming background taught her to appreciate growing and raising their food, scratch cooking/baking and all the techniques involved. Lisa started working in restaurants at 15 and she has been in the hospitality industry ever since on land and at sea as an international yacht chef.

Cooking with organic, locally grown produce & freshly caught seafood whenever possible is what she strives for as well as keeping waste to a minimum. Lisa is very skilled at menu planning with all special dietary preferences and allergies in mind. She enjoys teaching young people about nutrition, basic to intermediate cooking skills and meal planning.

Having grown up in Canada on the west coast, a deep love for the sea, mountains and nature is an important part of Lisa’s childhood. She has three children, a son aged 23 and two daughters ages 21 and 19 so she definitely has experience with young people and enjoys being around them. Family and friends are very important to Lisa and she enjoys spending time with them whenever possible. Her other favorite pastimes are reading, gardening, painting, hiking, fishing and photography. Lisa moved to Utah in 2016 and loves living in Midway!

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