Cascade Academy Partners with Steve Young and Alex Boyé Through the Forever Young Foundation

Throughout his career as a Hall of Fame Quarterback, Steve Young struggled with severe, and at times debilitating anxiety. He outlines this struggle in his book, My Life Behind the Spiral. Learning to manage and overcome his anxiety with the help of his family, his friends, his teammates, and professionals has provided him the grit and resilience to become a Superbowl champion, a successful professional, and a generous philanthropist.

Following his athletic career Steve Young took advantage of his law degree helping found of private equity firm called HGGC. In collaboration with other successful business associates Steve founded a charitable foundation known as the Forever Young Foundation.

The Forever Young Foundation serves children facing physical, emotional, and financial challenges by providing academic, athletic, and therapeutic opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to them. In 2021, in collaboration with six therapeutic organizations including Cascade Academy, the Forever Young Foundation launched its Wellness Initiative committed to providing mental health opportunities.

The Forever Young Foundation recently held its annual meeting in beautiful Park City, Utah. As part of this informative and collaborative event it was our honor to host the foundation and its member at Cascade Academy. During their visit they had the opportunity to meet our students and hear their incredible stories of resilience and growth. Our students were then treated to a private concert by the talented and inspiring Alex Boyé.

Mr. Boyé shared his story of finding help, hope, and healing through music during the darkest and most difficult moments of his life. He then shared an important message with our students. His message and his voice was about self-worth, about self-love, and about not giving up on ourselves or on each other. Thank you Alex for reminding us that “Brighter Days are on the Way!”