Outcomes Matter

Enrolling your child in a residential treatment center is an important and difficult decision.  What guarantees do you have that it will help?  Will the cost of treatment provide the desired results?  While there are no guarantees with mental health, outcome measures can help show a history of success.  It is important to be aligned in your definition of success.  At Cascade Academy, success following treatment is simply defined as not requiring an equal level of care or higher, post treatment.  Students may return home and have their fair share of difficulties.  We expect and hope that they will continue to receive support from trusted clinical professionals on an outpatient basis.  Students needing full-time, residential or hospital level of care post discharge would not fit within the parameters of success for Cascade Academy.

At the time this data was gathered Cascade Academy had been operating and serving families for two years.  During that two-year period, 40 students and their families have received residential services.  100% of the students and families who have followed clinical recommendations regarding time of transition and discharge have been “successful” as defined above.  This means that their child has not required a residential level of care or higher post discharge.  This is very exciting!  Unfortunately, families who have not followed clinical recommendations and brought their child home prior to clinical recommendation have needed a residential level of care or higher (generally hospitalization) within six months of returning home.  As is true for all treatment interventions, it is clearly important to collaborate and work with treatment providers to ensure the greatest opportunities for success.  Additional Outcomes are highlighted below.

Cascade Academy students using the GAD-7 Anxiety Assessment report an 80.9% decrease in anxiety symptoms over the course of their treatment.

Cascade Academy students using the PHQ-9 Depression Assessment report a 53.7% decrease in depression symptoms over the course of their treatment.

Cascade Academy students using the GSES Self-Efficacy Assessment reports a 28.6% increase in perceived self-efficacy over the course of their treatment.

According to families who have participated in a Cascade Academy parent retreat, 92.25% “strongly agree” that they were pleased that they chose to place their child at Cascade Academy earning Cascade a 4.7 out of 5-star rating.