Elizabeth Walsh, Academic Director, Joins The Cascade Academy Team!

Elizabeth is a passionate educator that believes each student has a unique way of learning. From a young age education was made a top priority in her family.  Elizabeth’s mother was an elementary school teacher and her father an immigrant from Ireland who knew the value education. Elizabeth is the youngest of three children, who were all raised with same philosophy that education opened doors and provided opportunities to live a fulfilling life. 

In the summertime Elizabeth’s family enjoys traveling to Ireland to visit her extended family. While visiting Ireland Elizabeth learned about the importance of experiencing people of different cultures. This sparked the travel bug in Elizabeth, this love of travel and adventure has been the main driving force behind Elizabeth’s personal and professional choices. Elizabeth has enjoyed traveling to Mexico, Canada, Ireland, Brazil, and England, and has driven across country from New York to California.  As an undergraduate she traveled up and down the East Coast with her roommates.  She enjoyed spending relaxing weekends away from campus in Boston or attending Dave Mathew’s Concerts.

As an educator life experience is what drives Elizabeth’s philosophy that all students can learn if given the right opportunities.  Elizabeth has over 15 years of teaching and administrative experience in urban and suburban settings including Chicago, Boston, and the Salt Lake area. As an educator in various schools, she was asked to lead committees on improving curriculum. She worked on standards to curriculum and created a district-wide assessment in English Language Arts. After settling in Utah Elizabeth became a teacher and eventually the Principal at Kearns-Saint Ann Catholic School.

Elizabeth came to Cascade Academy after taking a temporary step back from her career as an administrator to raise her two young children. She was excited to accept the position because it provided her a unique opportunity to provide a personalized approach to education. This was important to her professionally and personally. As a mother, Elizabeth learned the importance of this personalized approach when her son was diagnosed with ASD.  It changed her perspective on the education system and has encouraged her to seek ways to provide students with the individualized attention they need to succeed.

Elizabeth is married and has a son and a daughter. She enjoys running, swimming, camping, hiking, and traveling.  In her spare time Elizabeth likes to run half-marathons and 10ks. She loves being a parent with her husband Jeff and taking her kids swimming, rock climbing and ice-skating.  The pandemic has put a temporary damper in her traveling, but she is looking forward to traveling with her family both domestically and internationally. She would like to provide the same opportunities that she had growing up to her children.

Cascade Academy is excited to incorporate Elizabeth and her educational ideals to the Academic Department.  Talented team members committed to providing world-class services create opportunities and hope for students and families.