Cascade Academy Partners with the Forever Young Foundation

From 1986 – 1999 Steve Young played in the highest levels of the NFL as one of the great quarterbacks of all time.  Winning three championship rings with the 49ers, a two-time league MVP and a 2005 Hall of Fame inductee, Steve Young in one of the most notable professional athletes of all time.  In his role as quarterback Young played with confidence and grit throughout his entire career.  Few spectators would ever suspect that Young grew up with debilitating anxiety that plagued him throughout his career.  While he performed spectacularly on the field, prior to each game the physical ailments that accompany anxiety along with the panic attacks wreaked havoc on his mental and emotional health.  In the twilight of his career, he finally sought out help and support from trained professionals who helped him address his mental health needs.

Since retiring from the NFL Steve Young has been extremely active doing philanthropic work throughout the world.  Through the Forever Young Foundation he and his 70+ partner organizations have worked together to promote the development, strength, and education of children.  Their initiatives include but are not limited to: Engage Now Africa – committed to fighting childhood poverty, illiteracy, and disease in Africa, Forever Young Institute – committed to inspiring excellence in leaders, Sophie’s Place – providing music therapy for children in hospitals suffering with a host of physical ailments, and numerous Forever Young Zones – catered to address specific community needs helping children learn to “Be Your Own Hero”.

Cascade Academy is excited to announce a new partnership with the Forever Young Foundation.  Together they will work with a common goal to address mental health issues among adolescents, specifically those struggling with the debilitating effects of anxiety.  With this partnership Cascade Academy will be better equipped to provide the most sophisticated treatment of its kind, and making it available to adolescents and families in need. As an initial joint project Cascade Academy worked with the Forever Young Foundation to provide a greenhouse for the students of Cascade Academy.  As adolescent girls engage in gardening and plant-based activities, the process of growing, healing, and producing cultivate a desire to apply similar principles in their own lives.  As this natural, beautiful process is mirrored in their own lives they blossom and grow creating hope and healing for their families.