Welcome Our New Academic Director Jacki Burnham

Jacki has been an Educator for over 35 years.  Prior to Cascade Academy Jacki worked with the youth in the Wasatch Valley and witnessed firsthand the effects that severe anxiety had on her students, their families and their education.  She actively worked with the Wasatch Mental Health Department to bring available resources into the education setting which made a significant impact on her students.

Jacki is a lifelong learner; she is always seeking to improve and build upon her knowledge to enhance her students’ lives.  She earned her B.S. in Education from Utah State University, a Master of Education in Curriculum Design from Southern Utah University and her Special Education credentials from Brigham Young University.

Jackie has experience working with a diverse population of students with a myriad of learning challenges as well as those exceptional students who are high achievers and need balance in their lives. She understands that each student is unique and has their own personal journey so she can create a personalized academic plan. Jacki spends a great deal of time developing experiential learning curriculum and project-based groups as she believes it is paramount to develop a student’s interpersonal skills, collaboration and love of learning. With her expertise and experience, she guides each student to awaken their desire to succeed and reach their full potential.   Jacki strives to live a healthy and balanced life by focusing on her personal growth while enjoying her family and friends.  Jacki enjoys dancing with her two gorgeous daughters, mountain biking with her oldest grandson, crafting and pretending with her two granddaughters, playing ball with her youngest grandson and hiking with her dog, Ghost.  She loves boating and camping in the mountains, working in the garden and reading in her favorite chair.