Brief info

Kat is new to the residential treatment world, she is dedicated to learning and
expanding her ability to serve the clients at Cascade Academy. Her biggest
drive is helping others discover confidence in themselves through learning
skills and recognizing their personal strengths and passions. Kat describes
herself as an unapologetic optimist with a natural love for life and connecting
with people.  She has spent countless hours in the Venture Scout program
and other youth leadership opportunities. Kat feels confident that working with
the students at Cascade Academy will shape her future and career. She is
currently finishing up general education classes at Utah Valley University and
will be attending The University of Utah to pursue a degree in Recreational
Therapy with a minor in gerontology. When she is not at work Kat enjoys a
myriad of outdoor activities specifically skiing, backpacking, horseback riding,
spending time with her dog, and eating food with her family.