Brief info

Joe Dixon has been a board certified behavior analyst since 2013 and has been working with individuals with disabilities since 2008. His philosophy is that teaching and positive behavior change is the best way to help individuals change behavior. He works with empowering the individual through self-management skills that allow them to take long-term control of their lives. Joe has worked in both clinical and educational settings providing behavioral supports for individuals as young as 3 through adulthood. While he has been trained in many ABA based teaching strategies, he prefers to utilize natural environment strategies, positive behavior supports, acceptance and commitment therapy, and precision teaching to help individualize behavior support plans that help the individual access more social and educational opportunities. He believes the individual should have a say in their own goals and collaborates with the individual throughout the process. Whether it is working on problem behaviors or educational skills Joe provides opportunities for practice and growth that are natural and bring about lasting change. He works closely with the individuals team and parents providing parent training and parental involvement in order to maintain gains and minimize losses.