Brief info

Dr. Purser graduated a top student in his class from the University of Mississippi, School of Medicine. Dr. Purser is a long-standing Utah Medical Association delegate with honors, certificates and outstanding achievements from the American Medical Association. He has also served as the Utah County representative for the Utah Medical Association.

Dr. Purser began his practice in family medicine and continued his education with in-depth medical training in neurological studies and intensive preventive care of the body. Dr. Purser has enjoyed tremendous success with his patients due to his vast accumulated training. He has authored many best-selling books and is currently acting President of Professional Nutraceutical Design, LLC.

He oversees and interprets The Pro-7, a comprehensive epigenetic report, for Cascade Academy. The Pro-7 analyzes 55 gene variants for single nucleotide polymorphisms. These results provide insight into symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue, detoxification, inflammatory potential, mitochondrial function, neurotransmitter processing, and methylation. The Pro-7 analyzes 55 gene variants for SNPs. A comprehensive report of algorithms is generated from the patient’s genetic markers which Dr. Purser uses to provide specific and individualized recommendations for the patient’s optimal health and well-being.