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Carey was born and raised in Montana. Throughout her life she has had many adventures working with children and adolescents from the Rocky Mountains to Guatemala and many places in between.

Carey’s life has been anything but dull. Active in youth outreach from her teen years, she has spent time with her family serving adolescents in Guatemala City and along the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. After running a successful daycare in Georgia, she has since settled down in Heber city where she has worked as a bi-lingual preschool teacher, an office manager of Wasatch Alternative High School, a Cross Fit instructor and a youth counsellor. Carey believes in mentoring each student individually to help them achieve their gifts, refine their talents, and make significant contributions to society.

Married 30 years, Carey and her husband have four children and two grandchildren. Carey still loves going on family adventures, road trips, hiking and “spur of the moment” activities. As a part time Cross Fit trainer Carey enjoys working out which she says is, “Like her own therapy”.

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