How is My Daughter's Progress Monitored at Cascade Academy?

Progress in residential treatment is typically tracked by measuring the symptoms of the disorder being treated. Comparisons are made on how the student is doing at intake, mid-program, discharge, and after discharge. 

At Cascade Academy, your daughter’s progress will be tracked and measured using the most cutting-edge technology. In addition to the traditional methods of assessments and observations, we use facial recognition technology which can analyze thousands of markers of progress in short video interviews.  Your daughter will complete daily video check-ins which link directly to her therapist for monitoring. Her therapist will know when to provide additional support and when to tailor treatment planning based on these precise measures. 

Other methods used to track your daughter’s progress and the severity of her symptoms include validated scales such as The Distress Tolerance Scale and the Discomfort Intolerance Scale which track her experience of anxiety levels.