Jasmine Weiss comes to the Cascade team with seven years of experience managing and supervising programs in residential, day, and intensive outpatient treatment. Jasmine received her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and is currently pursuing a trauma focused MSW from Widener University. She is experienced in running support groups, adaptive recreation, and empowering people to love themselves because everyone deserves it. 

Growing up in an environment of instability and chaos, Jasmine has faced her own challenges in navigating life with anxiety and is fiercely passionate about helping others challenge the fear of the unknown. Her favorite way to do this is through humor and assisting people in realizing they are their own best resource so she primarily focuses on the strength perspective in her interactions. 

Jasmine has grown up all over the United States but has always been at peace in the mountains and the desert, making Utah the perfect place to call home. She spends her time teaching her pup Obsidian how to be the best wilderness buddy and finding new ways to be in the moment. 

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